MaPS P14 Jymy-Cup tournament winners
P14Julkaistu: 25.07.2022 08.35

MaPS P14 Jymy-Cup tournament winners

The winners will be remembered.

I had the honor of being able to watch Maskun Palloseura's 2014 tournament for those born last weekend in Aura. Although I think I understand something about football and team sports, I have to admit that I was confused by what I saw...

The P14 team had signed up for both the competition and challenge series. In the challenge series, the team comfortably reached 8th place, in a competition of 15 teams. They experienced both wonderful victories and stinging losses.

I followed all the matches of the competition series from the stands, and I couldn't understand what makes this group so unique. All the way they communicate, move on the field and spend time together, and above all sacrifice themselves for the success of the team. All of it made an indelible impression on me. So it's no wonder that this team won the tournament by crushing their opponents.

Finally, I quote a songwriter who writes about achieving the victory like this,

One chance one dream for you
No limits to deny
Move on and grab the prize
Like diamonds in the sky
Stay strong and you'll believe
Stay strong and then you'll see
This is the moment
That is rightful in your soul
Do what it takes to make
That victory your goal
Robert Halford 2008

Good luck guys,

casual traveler